Topical Matters

What's happening around the park recently.   

Karkarook Lake as it was in 2005 and how we can now expect to see it again in the years to come.

The Bore Pump Resumes Operation - May 2024

Thanks to Ranger Adrian Howard, funding was secured from Victorian Fisheries Authority to replace the inoperative bore pump.

Subject to water testing, regular pumping should commence shortly.

More details here

Fire on the eastern shore of Karkarook Lake

13th March 2024
We don't know when it started and how it was contained, but the aftermath was seen just after our recent heatwave.
We are so lucky the it was (presumably) not on the total fire ban days, otherwise the result would be very different.
A silver lining is the it has exposed a buildup of litter (bottles and cans) that can now be effectively cleaned up.
See details of working bee on Saturday morning (23rd March)

In January's bird survey, 44 species were observed. 

11th February 2024
he Australasian Darter made an appearance, circling around the lake and resting on the pier. A Great Cormorant was also sighted around the lake. Swans were observed nesting in the retarding basins, and a flock of Musk Lorikeets noisily flew overhead. An abundance of Common Eastern Froglets and Marsh Frogs were also heard calling happily around the park.

The next survey will be Sunday 18th February at 8:30 am - Dragonfly Lookout.

All interested people are welcome to join us,   Please RSVP:

Comment on Facebook Post
or - Rhiannon:  or  Ian and Margaret Langdon: 9546 5253

The Friends at Work

10th February 2024
It had been 10 months since we gave this area a spruce up, but in that time the weeds have returned.
Time for a bit of TLC!   We removed some weeds and topped up the mulch in one patch, but these at lot more to do.
Thanks to our regular volunteers and a big welcome to to new Friends  - Kat and Clarrie

Life's not all working bees!

9th February 2024
One needs to stop, take a breath and look around to appreciate what we have at Karkarook Park.   Worth looking after!

Our Mid-Week Crew Makes a good Start for Saturday's Activity Day

25th January 2024
Some time ago a load of mulch was illegally dumped at Karkarook Park.   Although heavy fines will be imposed on illegal dumpers, the mulch was suitable to be used in the park, so with Parks Victoria approval FoKP has started to spread the mulch in that area.  First the scrubby weed is cut down, cardboard layed to suppress the re-growth before a thick layer of the wood chip mulch is spread.   Thanks to Paul, Phil and John for making a start
Our Saturday working bee should see the job completed.

Please - No solid fuel BBQs at Karkarook Park

24th January 2024
Solid Fuel BBQs are not permitted at Karkarook Park - The fire risk is just too great.
Gas BBQs are also not permitted.  
There are ample electric BBQS available for free.   Should anyone be concerned about contaminating vegan food the use of a Non-stick Hotplate Liner is recommended  (available at Bunnings for under $10)

Hi FoKP bird enthusiasts

 The December bird survey (and the last survey of the year!) will be held this Sunday 17th Dec.

8:30am - 11:30am


Dragonfly/informational centre


Commenting on Facebook Post


Ian and Margaret Langdon: 9546 5253

Victorians can now support their favorite cause when recycling their eligible containers.

6th December 2023
Please support Friends of Karkarook Park when returning your drink containers

When at the Reverse Vending Machine, or over-the-counter depot, Use the Zone ID

You'll be helping Friends of Karkarook Park to continue their near 25 Year history of caring of Karkarook Park

The Igloo gets a Spruce-up

Saturday 25th November 2023
The team were busy Saturday morning.  Jean cleared most of the weeds inside the igloo while Phil, John, Tom, and Christian acquire a load of gravel.  on their return,  weed-mat was laid (two layers in most places) then the bucket brigade began to spread a layer of gravel.  All very pleased with the result!  No more weeding on hands and knees for some time! (hopefully).   Plenty of room for for new tube stock and for maturing tubes to be planted up into 4" pots giving them better survival chances in the park.
While all this was happening, Joe, Lucian and Anabel struck cuttings of Sheoak, Correa, and Indigofera:  150 cuttings all up. (Sorry there are no photo's)
All-in-all, a very productive Saturday in the Park.

Our Little Library is Back !

Wednesday 22nd November 2023
Our Little Library has reappeared at the Karkarook Playground.  Built by the Dingley Village Men's Shed, maintained by the Friends of Karkarook Park with books supplied by the Lions Club of Moorabbin, it's the result of a real community effort.   The books are free - no need to return them.
Children can flex their mussels on the playground equipment, then develop their brain with a little enjoyable read.
Better still,  mums and dads can read to children from 0 to 4 or 5 year olds This forms connections in their young brains which will give them a big advantage when they start school resulting in achievement, self esteem and setting them on a good path towards young adulthood.
Reading from books to very young children is so important.

A Rare Sight at Karkarook Park.

6th November 2023
There are so few old trees at Karkarook Park that hollows are indeed a rare commodity.   Walking through the park we were delighted to see what appeared to be a nesting pair of Rainbow Lorikeets.
Bird watchers can join with like-minded people on the third Sunday of each month when our friendly group conduct their regular survey of bird life in  Karkarook Park and surrounds.
We meet at the Dragonfly Lookout at 8:30 am (again, on the third Sunday of each month)

Thank you to local Kiwanis International clubs

21st October 2023
Local Kiwanis clubs  took the opportunity to help out and involve a younger generation by planting trees at Karkarook Park as part of their national environment project.  They certainly start them early!
The little ones attention was soon diverted to the playground and the grown-ups left to do the rest of the planting.

Around 100 trees,  Sweet Wattle, Black sheoak, Blackwood Wattle and  Indigofera, were carefully placed and watered in the ground .   After all was done and right on queue the showers came through to give them a little extra water.   A nice wet week to follow is just what we wanted!  

Not A Good Day at the Park

9th October 2023
Sunday night into the early hours of Monday, there was a break-in at the nursery with Ace contractor loosing some tools and Friends of Karkarook Park lost their prized cordless brush-cutter and cordless blower, both of which were to be put to use at our mid-week activity on Wednesday afternoon. 
A new task for Wednesday's crew will be to clean the black fingerprint dust left all over the sheds by the police investigators!
Being treated as unrelated was the large trailer-load of garbage dumped at the start of the Sheoak car park.  Kylie and Adrian did a great job cleaning up.

 Guided Walk in the Park - 30 Sept '23

If you weren't there you missed out on a most enjoyable and informative morning.  The weather was brilliant and every participant went away with a little deeper appreciation of this unique park that we have in our own  backyard.

Thanks to Des for donating his time and passing on his knowledge.

Massive Clean-up near Park Exit.

27th September 2023
FoKP Midweek Crew had a productive day near the park exit, clearing a build up of debris covered in undergrowth.  Started as a bit of a clean up, but soon turned into a hazard reduction exercise.   An unexpected result was the piles of small to medium sized sticks and small logs which were placed on the Fairchild Street  nature strip. 
Thank you to the City of Kingston for their help disposing of this excess dead timbers


Guided Walk at Karkarook Park
This Saturday!  30th September!

Retired Park Ranger Des Lucas will be conducting this informative guided walk through Karkarook Park this coming Saturday (30th September).  Des was involved with the development of the park from inception and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the flora, fauna, and infrastructure of the park and is happy to share this knowledge
This Saturday the walk will include areas of the park not previously covered.
A leisurely 2 km walk would be suitable for all ages (including those in prams or wheelchairs!).
All welcome - no charge. 
Please register your interest with this short on-line form.  This will ensure an enjoyable experience for all..
Saturday 30th September.
Meet at the Dragonfly Lookout
Walk commences at 9 am

Pictured (from left) is Adrian Howard, Sabine Kelly, John Lissenburg, Mayor Hadi Saab, Blair O'Shannessy, Tom Archer, Rhiannon Myhre, Christian Sly-Clavisi and Lucian Catrice.  (Not pictured is Joe Gullo currently on holiday in Sicily)

FoKP Committee for 2023-24

City of Kingston Mayor ( and councilor for the Karkarook sub-division) Hadi Saab and Parks Victoria Ranger Team Leader Adrian Howard congratulated Christian Sly-Clavisi on his election as President of the Friends of Karkarook Park at the group's AGM on Saturday.   Supporting Christian is a strong committee and group members who are committed to work with our local Parks Victoria team to make Karkarook Park the jewel in the crown of the Chain of Parks.

Friends of Karkarook Park have regular activities on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday's and Saturdays of each month.   Follow our face book for details and updates

So many thing happening at Karkarook Park

Upgrades funded by the Victorian Active Wellbeing Program are well underway.   The playground is taking shape, new BBQ shelters being prepared and lots more!
A construction site just now, but well worth the wait.
The old picnic table are currently being replace by brand new tables of galvanized steel and hard-wearing planks of recycled plastic.

Karkarook Lake as it was in 2005 and how we can now expect to see it again in the years to come.

2022-23 Recreational Fishing License Large Grants Program.


$47,400 to upgrade the submersible bore pump at Karkarook Lake. 


Thanks to our Team of Park Rangers who pulled together a strong application for this funding.

There are a LOT of benefits for the park that will flow from this announcement.
For more about the management of Karkarook Lake, click here.

Fisheries have today released 1800 rainbow trout into Karkarook Lake. 

Release of Rainbow Trout

26 June 2023
Fisheries has recently introduced another1800 rainbow trout into Karkarook Lake. This picturesque lake is not only inhabited by rainbow trout but also home to other fish species such as Bass, Murray Cod, Redfin, and Golden Perch. 

Karkarook Park offers an ideal setting for a family fishing excursion, providing convenient access to the lake shore. However, it is essential to show respect for the local wildlife by utilizing only established tracks and pathways. When visiting the park, please remember to take your rubbish with you, particularly any discarded fishing line, as it can be harmful and even fatal to birds and tortoises. Let's keep the environment clean and safe for everyone to enjoy. 

Karkarook Park is getting a major upgrade

26 June 2023
The refurbishment of the Dragonfly lookout was completed a few weeks ago, delighting park-goers who can now enjoy its fresh new look. However, there's more excitement in store as work is about to begin on several other enhancements within the park (Click the down-arrow for more)

One of the upcoming projects is the replacement of BBQs. The old ones will be swapped out for shiny new ones, providing visitors with improved facilities for cooking and enjoying outdoor meals. Whether it's a family picnic or a gathering of friends, the new BBQs will add convenience and enhance the overall park experience.

In addition to the BBQ replacements, a brand new playground is also on the horizon. Children will soon have a state-of-the-art play area where they can unleash their energy and creativity. From swings and slides to climbing structures and interactive features, the new playground will offer a variety of engaging activities for kids of all ages.

Furthermore, the park will see the installation of new benches and tables. These seating areas will provide comfortable spots for visitors to relax, socialize, and take in the natural beauty of the surroundings. Whether it's a tranquil moment alone or a gathering with friends, the new benches and tables will offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Various other works are planned around the park as well, aimed at enhancing its overall atmosphere and functionality. From landscaping improvements to path repairs, these updates will contribute to creating a pleasant and inviting environment for everyone to enjoy.

With these exciting developments underway, park-goers can look forward to an even better experience, combining the tranquility of nature with modern amenities and recreational opportunities.

May Bird Survey

8 June 2023
In May's bird survey 34 species were spotted by our bird volunteers. 

We saw Hardhead ducks and a black cormorant which are fairly uncommon in the park, lots of Grebes bobbing up and down on the lake, and a royal spoonbill flying overhead.

A very young cygnet was also observed taking a ride on their mother swan's back. Not all the eggs were able to hatch from the swans nest in the retarding pond, but the remaining eggs made a tasty meal for some Purple Swamphens and Eurasian Coots.

June Bird Survey is scheduled for Sunday 18th June.

Ranger Des Lucas (retired) - involved with Karkarook Park from the start.

A Guided Walk Through Karkarook Park

Saturday, May 13th - 9 am

Join us for a rare opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation of Karkarook Park, guided by retired Ranger Des Lucas. Des possesses an intimate knowledge of the park and is excited to share his insights with the community. Discover the hidden gems of Karkarook Park, learn about its development, and understand the importance of preserving this precious asset.

We welcome everyone to join this event organized by the Friends of Karkarook Park (FoKP) We will meet at the dragonfly lookout . To ensure a great experience for all participants, please register your interest by completing this short form.

We look forward to having you join us on this enlightening walk through Karkarook Park!

It's Started!  

Active Wellbeing Funded Upgrades
Various areas across the park will receive new and upgraded barbecues, pathways, signage and seating, and DDA-compliant drinking fountains and some DDA-compliant picnic tables. Sections of the Dragonfly Tower will also be repaired and the existing Dragonfly Playground will be demolished and replaced with a new playground.

More information on the Parks Victoria web site

Thank you Parkrun Karkarook

22 April 2023

The Dragonfly Garden is looking great thanks to all the volunteers from Parkrun Karkarook.

More Photos here

Meanwhile - Back at the Ranch ...


While some members and quite a few Parkrun people were at the Dragonfly,
our intrepid propagation team were busy in the nursery.

Joe and the team (Tom,  Lucian and Renate) did "a couple of hundred'' Banksia marginata (Silver Banksia) and Leptospurmum continentale (Prickly Tee-tree)

Dragonfly Garden area needs some TLC

This area is looking somewhat drab so a 'Flash Working Bee' is being arranged for 9 am  Saturday 22nd April
The plan is to trim the existing spiny-headed mat-rush and pull some weedy shrubs (prior to the working bee) to enable the laying of an effective layer of degradable weed suppressant (cardboard!) before a 15 cm layer of wood chip mulch is spread. 
Once settled, there will be a planting of eucalyptus trees and native shrubs to beautify the area, but that will be another time.

If you can help as a casual volunteer, please complete this short form.
If you want to get serious, you could register as a Volunteer with Parks Victoria. Here's how.
If you want to help lead the friends group to make Karkarook Park the best it can be - email the secretary

Monthly Bird Survey next Sunday

Sunday 16th April 8:30am  at the dragonfly.   That's when our group of birdwatchers will be gathering to check on the populations of bird life at Karkarook Park.
Last survey we saw 44 bird species, including a kestrel hovering in the air looking for food which was beautiful, and some great cormorants hanging out on the buoys which isn't common either.
There are always interesting observations made and walking with friendly and knowledgeable people is worth the effort!

What to bring: Binoculars, warm weather gear, hat, sunscreen e.t.c 

RSVP if you can make it so we can estimate the numbers!

Contact details:

Rhiannon: 0432523643,

Ian and Margaret Langdon: 95465253

Things are picking up at Karkarook

Or more precisely, things are being picked up!
Thanks to Rangers Janelle and Kylie who were spotted last week doing a sweep of the fence line along Fairchild Street.   Thanks also to Kaye, Phil, Margaret, the 'bird lady' and and a few others who regularly walk the park with a pick-up-stick and a rubbish bag.
So often we hear that Karkarook is a beautiful park and its large due to people like these that makes it so.

FoKP Committee Meeting Sat 25th March

People enjoyed hearing the latest on Karkarook Park from Park Victoria, sharing new ideas and discussing future projects.   Of particular note were some details of the $600K Active Wellbeing funded works to commence in June.
As well, Ranger Des Lucas (retired) will be conducting a Guided Park Walk at Karkarook in May.
Members welcomed Blair and Sabine's offer to managed the group's Face Book page. Members and friends can look forward to regular posts about Karkarook Park and how we can work together with Parks Victoria to make it the best it can be.
Another highlight was a visit from a family of Kookaburras who thought the meeting was a great joke, laughing so much that we had to adjourn until they got bored and flew away!

You can view the minutes of the meeting here.


Bird Survey at Karkarook Park Sunday 19th Feb

January's bird survey was quite exciting as we saw some Latham's snipe. They are wader birds that migrate all the way from Japan! 

We saw 40 species in total, including Black-fronted dotterels along the lake banks and happy Reed warblers singing away.

 This month's bird survey will be held next Sunday 19th at 8:30am.  Come join us.
Meet at the dragonfly BBQ area

Please contact Rhiannon (0432523643, or
Ian and Margaret Langdon (95465253) 

Mulching Job Done! 

We completed the mulching of the Karkarook Native Garden to Fairchild Street!
The garden is looking great with the weeds well under control and our plantings looking really healthy.
Thanks to the mid-week crew (Paul Phil and John) for giving us a head start.  Thanks to  all those who contributed over the last six months and Grant, Christian, Blair, Phil, Lucian and John finishing the mulching job.   Next will be more planting after the mulch has settled
Thanks also to Joe, Renate and Lucian for caring for the plants in the igloo. Everything is looking good, particularly the Banksia which Joe has propagated from cuttings.  Lomandra seeds were also collected.
Next working bees 23rd Feb (1:30 - 4 pm) and 25th Feb (9am 'til noon)

Here's the Updated To-Do-List

Another 20 sq. m  mulched 

Not far to go to complete this section!

Mid-Week Crew gives the Saturday working bee a running start.

Thanks to the mid-week crew completing this section of the Karkarook Native Garden this Saturday is really doable.
(Thanks to Paul and Phil)

The notice posted at the entrance to Karkarook Park

Funding for upgrades to Karkarook Park

It was announced in 2019 that $600,000 of funding from the State Government 'Active Wellbeing Program' would be applied.

Covid caused delays but works were expected to commence in 2021, but delayed until Spring of 2022, then Autumn, then late 2022.

The latest advice seems to suggest "late 2023"

Our Bird Survey / Observation group will be at Karkarook Park -  Sunday 15th January.  

Margaret, Ian and Rhiannon will lead the group for their walk through the park conducting the monthly survey and helping the group with their bird identification skills.  Always an interesting and  enjoyable couple of hours very well spent.
Gather up you binoculars and meet at the Dragonfly at 8:30 am 

First working Bee for 2023!

Saturday 14th January will see us back in the park doing what we do - and loving it!
From 9 am to 1 pm  (with a tea break at 10:30!)  we'll be hard at it.  Here's a list of what needs doing.  We'll pick the tasks suitable to the people we have, the weather and other factors.    You can be sure we'll leave the park just that little bit better that we found it.

Why would you do it?

Happy New Year!

News Years day found me sweeping the leaves from the path by the native garden.  I did get some strange looks!

I could get my exercise in a gym and leave the place as I found it, or get my exercise at the park and leave it a little better than I found it - and it's free.
Not for everyone, but if this strikes a cord with you - come and join us!

New Planting in the Karkarook Native Garden

Saturday 10th December 2022
At our last activity before Christmas we took the opportunity to put some plants in the ground!
A row of Lomandra longifolia (Spiny-Headed Mat-Rush) along the path and  Isoleptus nodose (Nobby Club Rush) in the damper depressions.
There's a lot more planting to do in 2023 - please join us!
Our next Group Activity will be Saturday 14th January

Karkarook Lake

2nd December 2022
Karkarook Lake is looking a little healthier, but the slight increase in the water level is due only to recent heavy rains.   Water should be half way up the rock embankment at this time of year and fluctuate seasonally (40 cm + or -).
Parks Victoria are working hard to rectify the problems with the bore pump which feeds the lake.

More information here ...

The Karkarook Native Garden is taking shape

26th November 2022
Little by little we're taming the rough scrub which surrounded the nursery compound.
Still some way to go.  
Over the coming years this area will become a specimen and seed bank from which to propagate plants, ensuring a healthy diversity of vegetation in the park.
Thanks to all the volunteers who have worked to get us this far.

Purple Swamphen with hatchling

October Bird Survey: Sunday 23rd

Time: 8:30am - 11:30am

Location: Dragonfly/informational centre.

What to bring: Binoculars, warm wet weather gear, hat, sunscreen e.t.c 

RSVP if you can make it so we can estimate the numbers!.

Contact details:

Rhiannon: 0432 523 643,

Closed tracks and straightened posts!

Mid-week Crew Making a Difference

Wednesday 5th October
Our mid-week team (Phil, Paul and John) got busy straightening posts and shutting down a couple of informal tracks.
The team decided to gather and do what needs doing each 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 1:30 pm 'til 4:30 pm.
Members and registered volunteers are welcome to join in (If not a registered volunteer, come along anyway and we'll help you get registered).

Whats happening to our lake?

People have noticed that the shoreline of Karkarook Lake has receded substantially.  The water level is a good meter below what it should be. 

The reason is Parks Victoria's reluctance to draw water from the aquifer.    

The aquifer below Moorabbin is good quality and substantial enough to easily maintain Karkarook Lake on a sustainable basis.   Why is it not happening.

Click here to see why it is so important to manage the water levels responsibly.  

Free Children's Books from the Lions Club

 and Friends of Karkarook Park

The Little Library in the Playground in the Park

Thanks to the Dingley Village Men Shed for building and installing our Little Library.

The Little Library is maintained weekly by Friends of Karkarook Park, with books supplied by the Lions Club of Moorabbin and the Lions 123Read2Me children's literacy project.

Feel free to take a book or two for the children to read, or for mum and dad to read to the smaller ones.  You can also leave a book if you wish.  Each week the books are checked for quality and refreshed with 'gently pre-loved' books from the 123Read2Me charity.

You can also donate quality children's books in the collections bins at Bunnings (Moorabbin) and most Officeworks stores.
- -  Volunteer book sorters are urgently required!  --

Karkarook's Native Garden is Taking Shape

10 September 2022

Members got stuck into weed suppression (cardboard) and mulch spreading  at the Saturday morning working bee.
Thanks to Lucian, Rhiannon, Judi, Renate, Sabine, Blair, Phil, Grant and John.
Still a lot more to do, but what is done is solid progress.  When the time comes we have lots of plants propagated from seed and cuttings collected from the park. In addition, with the 'Volunteer Growth Fund' grant, we intend to purchase semi-established plants, native to the area but not currently found in Karkarook.   In the future, this will provide a source of seed and cuttings for propagation and furthering the bio-diversity of the park.

Fantastic results from the Community Planting on National Tree Day.

31st July 2022

Thanks to the 45+ community members who got the job done.  Lovely to see family groups, uni students and seniors all pitching in. 
Particular thanks to Ranger Janelle and Joe (FoKP) who gave instruction and support to many 'first time' planters.   
The ground was harder than expected and it was tough going with a chilly wind, but the results will be appreciated by future generations.
Many thanks to Moorabbin Lions for the sausage sizzle - hot and yummy!  
Read more on the re-vegetation of this corner of Karkarook Park ....

Great turnout at the working bee  (23rd July) and lots achieved, not only on the garden, but also the nursery.    Photo shows preparation and stockpiling of plants and materials for the native  garden.
Good to see so many new faces - hope to see you again!     Read More....  (updates included)


Some people just get things done!

June 2022
The fence at he north-west corner had been in this condition for some time.  A FoKP member with some experience (and will remain nameless) decided to do something about it.

The rustic post and rail fence along Warrigal Rd is a lovely feature of Karkarook Park  but does need maintenance from time to time.

Great job Phil!   (woops)

After !

Why Stay on the Path?

June 2022
The original top soil at Karkarook Park was shallow and mainly sand.  When the park was re-constructed from the sand mine that it was, only a thin layer of top soil was placed over the excavated depression which is now forms the slope and shoreline of the lake.     Tree roots must stay close to the surface to find nourishment.  Just a little disturbance and the fragile soil can easily wash away exposing the roots to damage and destabilizing the trees.    Mid-story and ground cover plant don't stand a chance and the entire ecosystem of the park bush-land is adversely affected.

Taking a shortcut through the bush may seem harmless, but over time will destroy this fragile ecosystem that we are trying to build up.

Friends of Karkarook Park, together with Parks Victoria are working on a management plan to deal with this problem.

Bird Survey - Sunday 17th July

Bird surveys are carried out at Karkarook Park every month, usually a low-key affair, but there is a need to expand our knowledge base among our members, and several members have shown interest in participating,  so here is advance notice of the next survey.  

Thanks to Ian and Margaret Langdon for doing these surveys for many years (and it is hoped for many more!). Thanks also to Rhiannon for encouraging participation in the important and rewarding activity.       More Information Here

The details for this Sunday:

Date: Sunday 17th July Time: 8:30 am - 11:30am Location: Dragonfly/informational center.What to bring: Binoculars, warm weather gear, hat, sunscreen e.t.c 

RSVP if you can make it so we can estimate the numbers!

Contact details:

Rhiannon: 0432523643,

Ian and Margaret Langdon: 95465253

Ranger Des Lucas Retires 

Our good friend and mentor Des Lucas is call it it a day after 44 years of service.        Des started with the MMBW in 1979, transferring to Parks Victoria when it was established in 1996.  He has been a leading figure in the eastern metropolitan parks ever since.
Des intends to do every bush track connecting Highway 1 to the coast, right around Australia (big trip!)

In his usual friendly manner, Des has offered to do another guided walk at Karkarook before he heads off - so watch this space..

FoKP at Bunnings 'Easter Brunch'

2nd April 2022

President Megan in her Easter bonnet!   Bunnings (Moorabbin)  customers had the opportunity to learn about what is happening at Karkarook and all about the Friends group and our activities.  

Des Lucas (right), pictured with Joe Gullo a volunteer who has also been part of Karkarook Park since 1998

Informative ' Ranger's Park Walk' Saturday 26th March

Head Ranger Des Lucas has overseen the development of Karkarook Park since the Boral handover in 1998 and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the park infrastructure, flora and fauna.   
Des will lead this guided walk around Karkarook Park offering commentary and answering questions.   Des advises to allow two hours for the 'walk' 
This is an opportunity not to be missed as Des will be retiring in a few months.
Anyone interested in Karkarook Park,  its development from sandpit to park, and in its future, should not miss this opportunity.

Saturday 26th March   10 AM  meet at the dragonfly lookout / BBQ area.
Non-Members please book with the Secretary: 0418 177 777

February’s Bird Survey at Karkarook Park was a Huge Success...

About 40 species in total were spotted.   A highlight was witnessing the majestic Swamp Harrier sailing high over the lake. Swamp Harriers are large raptors that journey from Tasmania to spend the cooler months on the mainland. 

 Click for more....

Many other larger charismatic birds can be found around Karkarook Park. Little Pied Cormorants are commonly seen on buoys and piers stretching out their black wings to dry after diving deep underwater to hunt. The regal White-faced Heron can often be found walking across sandy banks with their long legs. Occasionally Great Egrets can be spotted too, with their awe-inspiring snow-white feathers and neck that is longer than its body!

But Karkarook Park houses beautiful birds both big and small. There are an abundance of small songbirds hiding throughout the park. With a little patience and a keen eye, you might be surprised at what birds you may find. This month we were lucky enough to observe a Golden-headed Cisticola darting amongst the reeds, giving away it’s location with their unique buzzing calls. A common small bird, the Brown Thornbill, has also been seen in increasing numbers amongst the dense shrubs.

I encourage anyone interested in learning more about birdlife to join us in one of our monthly surveys.        

While everyone else nattered on after the committee meeting, Joe and Lucien got stuck in and propagated another 50 Leptospermum Continentale (Prickly Tee-Tree)

Committee Meeting & Working Bee 

Sat 12th March 2022

A good roll-up of committee, members and friends.  
An informative and productive meeting minutes of which are available here
(currently in 'draft')

FoKP Water Health  sub-committee 

FoKP has now established a sub-committee tasked with managing our water health monitoring team!   Early days, but training for our new team is available.   Anyone interested in participating please contact the secretary

Support for the Karkarook Park Bird Hide
and Outdoor Classroom

Lions Club of Moorabbin has allocated a further $13,000 to the project, bringing the total allocate by the Lions Club to $15,000.   A site meeting with the architect and engineer will take place on Monday (7th March) and some firm plans will be made to move this project forward to completion.

Concept  drawing   - View more..

Karkarook Lake at a Very Low Level

Low water levels concentrate the nutrients and are a major contributor to algae blooms.   
Karkarook Lake is fed from an underground aquifer, pumped from a bore near Henry Street (a source of very good quality water).   The cause of the low level was an 'electrical issue' with the pump which was being worked on (as previously reported) .   Unfortunately we have learned that the pump needs replacing but there are no funds to do so.

Local Rangers (and FoKP) are terribly frustrated with the chronic under-funding of Parks Victoria and particularly Karkarook Park.   There is an election coming.  If you get the opportunity, please talk to your representatives, and let them know how we value our parks and funds must be provided so that they can be properly maintained.

Karkarook Lake - as it should be.

FoKP Working Bee - Saturday 26th February

A great role-up for the working bee, including some newbies  (welcome  Annette, Christian and Inga!).  There was another 'push' clearing weeds from the proposed Native Garden area, and a working party went in the park and cleared to blackberry from the NE corner of the lake.  A number of people got stuck into the igloo and shade-house getting it in tip-top shape and propagating another 50 plants.

All-in-all a great effort and a very enjoyable morning.   Thanks to all.

Good News about Karkarook Lake

Advise from Parks Victoria received today:  "A number of subsequent water tests have shown that the high levels of algae at Karkarook Lake have subsided and are not harmful. The lake is now open again and signage has been removed.   It is safe to use the lake for recreational activities "

The issues putting the lake at risk are still a concern.  FoKP will continue to raise these concerns at every opportunity.

Karkarook Lake Closed Due to Blue-Green Algae Bloom

Thursday 17th February 2022

Karkarook Park Lake is closed to recreational activities due to a Blue Green Algae Bloom effective from tomorrow 18th February 2022    ( the park itself - walks, playground, and passive recreation areas are unaffected).

Unfortunately, there is a chronic under funding of Parks Victoria, and subsequent lack of maintenance of the systems that would prevent this.

Details of the cause of algae blooms, and the systems that are in place at Karkarook (but not operative), can be found in the Karkarook Lake Operations Manual.

UPDATE: (20/02/2022)   Parks Victoria have advised that the electrical issue with the bore pump (cause of low water level in lake) is "being worked through at the moment" The "de-stratification issues will not be addressed in the short term"

A Good Mornings Work!

Saturday 12th Feb 2022

We didn't get around to the weeding (save that for a cooler day maybe).

We did have a very productive propagation session with 350 Leptospermum continentale (Prickly Tee Tree)  and 150 Acacia suaveolens (Sweet Wattle) pricked out from seed trays kindly donated by the Greenlink Sandbelt Community Nursery.

Not shown in the video is Will and John Scrubbing and disinfecting the tubes prior to use.
We also had a visit from Mr Robbie Beaton, a candidate for the seat of Isaacs in the coming election.  We took a walk around Karkarook and Robbie is now well versed in the problems faced by the park.

Our next working bee will be Saturday 26th February.

FoKP Activity  Saturday 12th February :   9am-12noon

Site of the proposed Australian Native Garden (pictured) will be the center of our activity on Saturday (12 Feb 2022).   The  Lomandra longifolia (Spiny-Headed Mat-Rush) planted out many years ago seem to be holding their own, but the Themeda triandra (Kangaroo Grass) has been out-done by invasive grasses.  Our plan is to remove these invasive grasses by winter (substantial progress has already been made), then plant out with quality native shrubs and grasses and heavily mulch the area.    We have applied for a grant to fund this activity.


There are other tasks to do - the fun one will be to scrub our stock of tubes in preparation for pricking out seedlings.  We're full of opportunities here at FoKP - if you want to become an expert on how it's done, here's a 'How-to' link:

We have a couple of seed trays ready for pricking out ( Leptospermum continentale - Prickly Tea Tree)  and Acacia suaveolens - Sweet wattle). 

 So there's plenty to do!       

 Bring your drinking water - we'll have a bucket of ice to keep it cold.

Weeding the Site of Proposed Native Garden

Activity for the day (22/01/2022) centered around the nursery out-skirts, the site of our proposed 'Showpiece Native Garden'.  Pictured are the crew taking a well deserved rest after a mammoth weeding effort and bagging up a blackberry root dug up from the lake shore.

FoKP have applied for a grant to fund the establishment of the Garden ($2,000) It is proposed to purchase quality native mulch and semi established native plants giving the garden a good start.  It is planned to have the garden complete by September (this year!).


Progress on Bird Hide Site

Thanks to Soil-Test-Express  for the geo-tech testing of the bird-hide site.

No surprises (30cm gravel fill, 70 - 100 cm of clay on top of natural sand).

 Mark (Co-Struct) can now compete the builder's plans and we can put together a firm proposal to Parks Victoria (a big step forward from 'concept')

More Info on Bird Hide here.

Dog's off leash  - in danger of snake bite.

Two dogs have died from snake bite at Karkarook Park in recent months and several others have required veterinary attention.
Dogs are relatively safe when on leash, but even in the off-leash area, best kept under voice control and out of the long grass.