Working bee at the Dragonfly Garden - 22/04/2023

Thank you to all our volunteers from Parkrun Karkarook

As it was before we started

Old decking removed, ready to mulch

The cardboard replica cheque which helped establish FoKP has laid moth-eaten for over twenty years in the shed.
We gave it a fitting burial. It's now part of the park!

The first barrow-loads

Our new marquee - gave us plenty of visual impact! Doubles as sign-in station, first-aid post, hydration and emergency assembly area!

Thanks to the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions - Living Local Fund for the grant funding

In the peak of the action!

A good layer of bio-degradable weed suppressant (cardboard) is laid under 15 cm of wood chip mulch.

Photo Time!

Still plenty to do but we ran out of mulch!
Hope to do it all again in a month or two to finish the job.   Stay tuned.