Job List for Working Bees etc.

This Saturday will be hot - so best come early if you can - so we can finish by 11 (or earlier) before it warms up.

Extend the Karkarook Native Garden: Slashing weed thicket, Laying down cardboard and spreading mulch from the pile in the compound.
Planting shrubs. We have native shrubs ready to plant into the native garden: just need a little discussion of what to plant where.
Weed control in compound and native garden.
The bar fridge in the Admin Shed could use a good clean
Stacking tree-guards in bundles in preparation for our next mass planting event
Informal Tracks: Mapping and photo-documenting
Litter Collection: A casual stroll through the park with litter bag and pick-up stick
Re-install Information boards. Will need some coordination with Parks Victoria together with forward planning on what to display and how.
Mulch spreading next to dragonfly. Will need some coordination with Parks Victoria as area requires soil or crushed rock fill to bring the level closer to that of the concrete slab.