ParkConnect Registration & Working with Children Checks (an overview)

Registering as a volunteer with Park Connect is different to membership of the Friends of Karkarook Park inc. (FoKP).

ParkConnect is the Parks Victoria Portal, via which they manage their relationship with individual volunteers.

  • If you want to volunteer at Karkarook Park (or any Parks Victoria parkland) you must have a 'Working With Children Check' registered with Parks Victoria. (Mandatory as at 1st July 2022)

  • Registering as a volunteer is essential in order to register your 'Working With Children Check'.

  • It is important that you connect your registration to Karkarook Park (join the group 'Karkarook Park Volunteers')

'Working With Children Check' is free for volunteers

A guide to registering as a volunteer with ParkConnect

... can be found on-line at It is very comprehensive, but the important sections are items 1 and 7 as seen in the screenshot pictured here.

You can click on those items and go straight to them.

Alternatively go direct to the ParkConnect Portal and register now.

When registering with ParkConnect as a volunteer, remember to 'join' the Karkarook Park Volunteers 'Group' (section 7 in the video guide)!

To become a member of Friends of Karkarook Park Inc: click here

If this is all to hard, please let us know - We can help.

Email the Secretary:
or Phone John on 0418 177 777