Conservation Reserves.

Central to the environmental attribute of Karkarook Park are the conservation reserves.

On the north shore of the lake is a fenced off area. This was initially to protect nesting birds from dogs, cats and foxes. Migratory birds would also rest and feed in the lakeside wetland and shallows of Karkarook Park. With the demise of the water level in the lake, the fence does not now reach the waterline - walkers and mountain bikers have forced paths through what should be avian nesting and feeding grounds.

The issues of the fenced off reserve, informal tracks and low water levels are all connected and must be addressed together.

The receding Lake Shoreline

The lake shoreline as depicted on PV Web Site, and as originally designed.

Actual shoreline seen on google earth Dec 2021 (receded more since then)

Put the two images together and you can see what is gone, particularly the north shore,

Water level 1 meter below design specification has destroyed lakeside wetland and drained the shallows - important nesting and feeding grounds for resident and migratory birds as well as a complete ecosystem - increasingly rare and valuable in this dense suburban location.