Water Quality Survey Team

Melbourne Water run a citizen scientist program which helps improve the health of our rivers, creeks and wetlands, which would be an invaluable asset to Karkarook Park.

Discussions with Richard Akers from Melbourne Water have made it clear that Melbourne water 'has no need for data' from this site, so would be unable to provide training and equipment specific to Karkarook Park.

Anyone disappointed in this news, please contact the Secretary.  Free Training can still be arranged at other sites, and new skills put to work at Karkarook Park. 
We may need these skills as in the future, it may be necessary to supplement the water supply to the lake from the serpentine settlement ponds (hopefully it will never come to that!).  Water quality controls and the skills to manage the, will be needed.

.For further information, see the excerpt from Melbourne Water web site and link (below), or contact the FoKP  Secretary
Further information on the management of Karkarook Lake can be found here

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Be a citizen scientist   

  (Excerpt from Melbourne Water web site)

Our community programs help you learn more about your natural environment and local habitats, and help us better track the health of our waterways.

We have training and programs for people of all ages – and partnerships with councils, schools and community groups – so you can build on your knowledge and make a meaningful contribution to your local area.  

The data you collect could contribute to scientific research, management planning and on-ground actions that improve the health of our rivers, creeks and wetlands.

More information:  https://www.melbournewater.com.au/water-data-and-education/get-involved/be-citizen-scientist