Proposed Native Garden

Located in front of the Community Nursery compound, this area was re-vegetated many years ago by the original members of FoKP. The upper story of eucalyptus now well established, but the ground has given over to weed grasses and miscellaneous bushland debris.

Our plan is the establish this native garden to showcase the plants indigenous to this area. These plants would also act as a source of seeds and cuttings for propagation throughout the park. (The 'plan' as such can be found here)

Karkarook's Native Garden is Taking Shape

10 September 2022

Members got stuck into weed suppression (cardboard) and mulch spreading at the Saturday morning working bee.
Thanks to Lucian, Rhiannon, Judi, Renate, Sabine, Blair, Phil, Grant and John.
Still a lot more to do, but what is done is solid progress. When the time comes we have lots of plants propagated from seed and cuttings collected from the park, but with the 'Volunteer Growth Fund' grant, we intend to purchase semi-established plants, native to the area but not currently found in Karkarook. In the future, this will provide a source of seed and cuttings for propagation and furthering the bio-diversity of the park.