Activities - Projects

A joint project with Lions Club of Moorabbin. Progress is slow but steady . Details are available here (Moorabbin Lions web site)

Parks Victoria are aware that great damage is being done to the bushland areas by these tracks being forced through the vegetation. Friends of Karkarook Park are mapping and documenting these tracks in order to work with Parks Victoria on a management program.


The conservation reserves were a part of the original design of Karkarook Park. Trees , shrubs and grasses were planted out largely by volunteers and the conservation areas fenced off. In recent years there appears to have been some decisions taken (Parks Victoria? ) which have resulted in the removal of mid-story vegetation, and draining of the lakeside wetland and shallows and consequent destruction of habitat.
Whilst not an 'active project' at this time, the committee is lobbing for the restoration of these conservation reserves and habitats.
Reports on what is happening in this regard can be found here.

An on-going issue. Read the latest here

Our plan is the establish this native garden to showcase the plants indigenous to this area. These plants would also act as a source of seeds and cuttings for propagation throughout the park.

Nature Trails

A project still in its concept stage (in fact barely a project at this time!) An outline of the concept can be found here