Karkarook Park Bird Survey     (next survey 17th March)

Third Sunday of each month (with the odd exception - check here for confirmation)   8:30 am at the dragonfly lookout.  All that is needed is a pair of binoculars.
If you are interested in coming along to a bird survey or for more information, feel free to express your interest by sending an email to fokp.birds@gmail.com      

Many wonderful bird species are seen going about their lives in the monthly bird surveys led by Parks Victoria and the Friends of Karkarook Park.

In the a recent survey, some male Superb fairy-wrens were spotted molting from their bright blue plumage back to their brown "eclipse plumage". This indicates that their busy breeding season is coming to an end.

But while the wrens are quieting down, other species of birds have been busy! A pair of Australasian Grebes were spotted feeding their three tiny chicks in a nest in the center of one of the water retarding ponds. Some Eurasian coots were also seen busily building a nest nearby. Many other birds such as the Australasian swamphen also have their hands full with adorable little youngsters.Some less commonly seen species where observed including Pied Stilts, which have lovely long orange-red legs. It's amazing the number of species in the park, and if you look closely you can often see ones you have never seen before!