This page will (shortly) be dedicated to the continuing re-vegetation of this corner of Karkarook Park, but at this time there is an intention, but no 'plan'.   If anyone would like an involvement in the planning process please contact the Secretary FoKP

National Tree Day -  Sunday 31st July 2022

National Tree Day -  Sunday 31st July 2022

It' had been three long years since we had a community planting event - but - we're back!    

We planted at the old golf driving range (for those who can remember that far back).   This patch had been prepared for planting by our old Ranger friend 'Digger' (now retired)    We did him proud by creating a small forest habitat that will be enjoyed by creatures great and small for generations to come.  

This year the Lions Club of Moorabbin  provided a well earned sausage sizzle back at the dragonfly.

 We had 550  trees and shrubs to plant and each one was given loving care  to get a good start in life.   The ground was harder that expected and it was hard yakka, but worthwhile.

Just some of the species we planting out.    Just imagine these in the 'paddock' twenty years from now!

Allocasuarina littoralis  (Sheoak)

Austral indigo:
Puts on a showy display late winter-spring. Food plant for the native painted lady butterfly.

Acacia mearnsiii   (Black Wattle)

Eucalyptus camaldulensus 
(River Red Gum)