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Last updated 9:11 pm 29/04/2024

If you intend to come along on a Saturday, please complete the RSVP form.  It would take only a few seconds and would be a great help.

Saturday 25th May 2024   

9 am - 12 noon
Meeting Place: Community Nursery.
Everyone is welcome to these working bees / activities which are held every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month (with the odd exception).
Here's a list of what needs to be done:   (the list will be updated in the lead-up to the day).
😊 We've the last of our mulch piles to spread just east of the Dragonfly
Whatever happens - during autumn and winter we endeavor to get plants in the ground at every activity. 🌱🌱🌱

Other tasks typically include:

Care and maintenance of plants in the nursery (Hopefully some seed trays prepared and cuttings struck).

Tube plants to 'pot-up' into 140mm pots (making them much more likely to survive when planted out in the park).

Seed Collection - Many of our native plants are coming into seed - we need to observe and harvest at the right time.

Maintaining the Karkarook Native Garden:   Some weeds are poking through - easy job if we keep on top of them.

Litter Collection:  A casual stroll through the park with litter bag and pick-up stick.

Tasks for the future include:

Wednesday 12th June (the midweek crew)

1:30 - 4 ish 

Three or four of us like to get together mid-week to do 'odd jobs' -  finish off what was started last Saturday or make preparations for the next Saturday activity.
Alternatively we may tackle a task at the bottom of the list that we'd otherwise never get to.
As always - all are welcome.