Traffic Noise Mitigation

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 EXCEPT:  we may ask SRLA to build an earthen mound with material from their rail tunnels  (when the time is right)
Everything below is old hat and not really reverent today - but we've left it in to show that we tried.

To date, our political leaders have been of little use in our quest for traffic noise mitigation from the Dingley By-pass.
Here's the story so far. . . . . 

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At the bottom of this page is the email address for the minister for Roads and Road Safety  (The Hon Ben Carroll).     
Let him know what you think.

Our plan now is to wait until there is a lot of fill from the SRL tunnels needing to be put somewhere - and ask for an earthen mound.

Ministerial Hand-Pass to Dept of Transport and dismissive letter.

Received 10/03/2022

Ref: CMIN-1-22-11689

Mr John Lissenburg


Friends of Karkarook Park

Dear Mr Lissenburg


I refer to your recent correspondence to the Hon Ben Carroll MP, Minister for Roads and Road

Safety, on behalf of Friends of Karkarook Park regarding a sound wall for the Dingley Bypass

at Karkarook Park. Your letter was referred to the Department of Transport (DoT) for


Under DoT’s Traffic Noise Reduction Policy, consideration is given to provide noise mitigating

measures for eligible sections of arterial roads and freeways for noise-sensitive buildings.

As indicated in previous correspondence, parks and open spaces do not fall into this category.

DoT may consider short gaps of open spaces as part of proposals to provide continuous noise

mitigating measures where such gaps are likely to provide sound tunnel effect for abutting

noise-sensitive buildings.

The section of Dingley Bypass abutting Karkarook Park is over 750 metres long and is not

considered to be a short gap between two eligible segments of this road abutting noise sensitive


Regarding your suggestion to use any excavated surplus material from Suburban Rail Loop

Project to provide earth mounds along the Dingley Bypass as a noise mitigating measure,

the use and disposal of any surplus material from this project is a matter for the Suburban Rail

Loop Authority to manage.

Notwithstanding the above, there are no plans to consider noise mitigation works as this

section of arterial road is not eligible for consideration under the policy.

I trust this clarifies the matter. Thank you for taking the time to write.

Yours sincerely

Savoula Lidis

A/Executive Director

Metro South East

Date: 09/03/2022

Reaction of FoKP Secretary

Our request continues to be dismissed out-of-hand by quoting one section of 'policy'.   No one has acknowledged or responded to that section of the policy which states:

"In addition, VicRoads will:

§   consult with Councils and affected local communities on the need for and type of protection (if necessary) for small areas of passive open space."

Read full document Here

At this time we're considering our next move.

Any suggestion??

Response by FoKP Secretary    (04/01/2022)
Also covers the minister's response to our e-petition.

IRef:CMIN-1-21-10906  Also CMI N-1-21-11211


The Hon Ben Carroll MP

Minister for Public Transport

Minister for Roads and Road Safety

Mr Carroll,

Thank you for your response to our request for a meeting with you or a designated staff member in relation to a traffic noise mitigation measure between the Dingley Bypass and Karkarook Park in Heatherton.

We note your reference to the DoT’s Traffic Noise Reduction Policy and the detail of Category A, and Category B, buildings, and the conclusion drawn that our request falls into neither category.

We would draw your attention to a  paragraph further into the document stating the following:

"In addition, VicRoads will:

§   consult with Councils and affected local communities on the need for and type of protection (if necessary) for small areas of passive open space."

I believe this opens the door for our request to receive serious consideration, and open consultations between the relevant State Government Department,  Kingston City Council and the Friends of Karkarook Park.

Worth discussing would be the fact that there will soon be a large quantity of ‘fill’ extracted from the nearby Suburban Rail Loop project. The opportunity may exist to utilize some of this fill to create an earthen mound between the Dingley Bypass and Karkarook Park.  Such a solution could provide  a win/win for all parties.

I trust that you would understand the need for the ‘passive open space’ provided by Karkarook Park.

Over 1,070,000 visits were made to the park in 2021.  It was a refuge and escape for residents during lockdowns providing mental health respite in tough times. Typical of comments received:

This is a fabulous park - but the serenity of it is somewhat impacted by the noisy and busy road right next to it. It would be nice not to see and hear all those cars!

There is an opportunity to regain some local support for the Government following the imposition of the SRL Stabling Yard in Heatherton.

Sir, we humbly request a conversation in relation noise mitigation measures between Dingley By-pass and Karkarook Park.

Yours Sincerely




John Lissenburg


Friends of Karkarook Park Inc

0418 177 777


Reaction of FoKP Secretary

I had already read the document from which he (or his staffer) quoted.   If he had continued reading another two paragraphs down from that which he quoted he would have found the following:

"In addition, VicRoads will:

I believe this opens the door for our request to receive serious consideration,  and open consultations with Kingston City Council and the Friends of Karkarook Park.

There may be the opportunity to engage in a conversation with the minister or his delegate to explore this avenue of consultation  I'm looking for advice as to what further action that could be taken towards a satisfactory outcome.

Just a few points to add:

Response from the minister office

Answered: 12 November 2021

I thank the Member for South Eastern Metropolitan Region for his question.

 The management of traffic noise is guided by the Department of Transport’s (DoT) Traffic Noise Reduction Policy. Copies can be accessed on DoT’s website at projects/environment/noise.

 The Policy states that DoT will continue to consider retrofitting noise barriers or provide other mitigating measures along eligible sections of arterial roads and freeways. Under the policy, only residential dwellings, aged persons homes, hospitals, motels, caravan parks, other buildings of residential nature, schools, kindergartens, libraries, and other noise sensitive buildings are eligible for consideration.

 Open spaces and facilities such as Karkarook Park are not eligible for noise mitigation consideration under the Policy.

 The Hon Ben Carroll MP

Minister for Public Transport

Minister for Roads and Road Safety

Answered: 12 November 2021

Constituent Question placed before the Legislative Council

Tabled By Hon Mr David Limbrick MP

Mr LIMBRICK (South Eastern Metropolitan) (15:42): (1406) My constituency question is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. I was recently contacted by the secretary of the Friends of Karkarook Park group, who have big plans for the local park. The park is a beautifully vegetated area surrounding a large lake. The group has planted many trees and increased vegetation and are looking to establish an outdoor classroom and education hub to be used by local schools. I myself have been to this park many times and was fortunate enough to help stock rainbow trout in the lake—alongside the Victorian Fisheries Authority—which I am sure one of my staff has spent many hours trying to catch. However, one of the downfalls of this park is its location, situated on Dingley bypass. The bypass is a heavy traffic area and produces significant noise pollution, which echoes off the opposing sound walls to the park. The Friends of Karkarook Park have requested the installation of a sound barrier on the south side of the highway. 

My question to the minister is: will you or a representative of your office agree to meet with Friends of Karkarook Park and consider assisting in the establishment of the requested sound barriers?