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Topical Matters

10 December 2022 New Planting at Karkarook Native Garden
2nd December 2022 Karkarook Lake
26 November 2022 The Karkarook Native Garden is Taking Shape
23rd October 2022 October Bird Survey
5th October 2022 Mid-Week Crew Making a difference
3rd October 2022 What's Happening to our Lake?
1st October 2022 The Little Library in the Playground in the Park
10 September 2022  Karkarook's Native Garden Taking Shape
23rd July 2022 Making a Start on the Native Garden
15th June 2022  Some People Just Get Things Done
1st June 2022 Why Stay on the Path?
17th July 2022 Bird Survey 17th July
27th April 2022 Ranger Des Lucas Retires.
2nd April 2022 FoKP at Bunnings 'Easter Brunch'
Informative Ranger's Walk - Saturday 26th March
FoKP Water Health sub-committee
Committee Meeting and Working Bee (12th March 2022)
Support for the Karkarook Park Bird Hide and Outdoor Classroom
Karkarook Lake at a Very Low Level
FoKP Working Bee 26th February
Karkarook Lake Closed due to Blue-Green Algae Bloom
A Good Morning's Work
FoKP Activity Saturday 12th February:  9am - 12 noon
Weeding Site of Proposed Native Garden
Progress on the Bird Hide
Dogs Off Leash - in Danger of Snake Bite
Old Photo Album Found in Bottom Draw

Plant Propagation
Plants of Karkarook Park   *
Bird Surveys    *
Birds of Karkarook Park   *
Weed Control
Litter Collection     *
Karkarook Bird Hide
Conservation Reserve
Management of Karkarook Lake
Traffic Noise Mitigation at Northern Boundary
Nature Trails      *

Calendar of Events
Join Friends of Karkarook Park Inc      *
Opportunities to get involved and give back     *
Activities Coordinator      *
Community Nursery Coordinator     *
Newsletter Editor     *
Water Quality Survey Team     *
Bird Survey Team     *
Nature Trail Development     *


Meetings  (Includes links listed below)
Next Committee Meeting (docs)
Rangers Reports
Treasurer's Reports (not active yet)
Bird Survey Reports   (not active yet)

Grants Update
City of Kingston Community Grants
Volunteers Growth Fund

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Update Your Personal Details Held by the Secretary
ParkConnect Registration
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Child Safety

History of the park - in brief

Park in pictures  *   Not a lot here at this time (waiting for input)
Old Photos